Monday, August 10, 2009

Have you heard of Favitt?

These days, I can safely say that one cannot live without using a Search Engine. Using a search engine, be it Google, Yahoo or anything else has become a part of our everyday lives. Just imagine, you go online and you need to search for some information regarding a certain digital camera that you are planning to buy. What do you do? You immidiately open up your browser and enter the url of your favorite Search Engine. Then you key in the model of that particular camera and thousands of links with loads of information suddenly is at your finger tips. You get all that information in seconds. It's so convinient to use a search engine, many of us even set it as our homepage.

However, have you ever noticed that those search engines have really boring backgrounds? For example, Google has a plain looking white background with a search box in the middle. How boring is that? I recently came to know about Favitt. It's pretty cool actually. Favitt is a new Google custom search where you can replace the white background of Google with your own image. That's right, you can upload your own skin onto Google custom search! Just think of the skin like it's your own desktop wallpaper.

Check this out. I went to and I created my own Favitt page! It's really simple, actually. How did I do it? Well, all I needed to do was go to and there is a tab at the bottom that says "Choose your own background". You can either choose one of the backgrounds that is available or you can click on "Use your own background".

Once you choose that, you can customize your own page. Just pick a username (for example, I picked thepodanys) and then pick the photo that you like. You can either upload it or grab it off the net.

You can also customize your search box position. As you can see, the search box position for the first screenshot that I am showed you is the default (which is the middle). For the second one, I set it as upper left and I chose upper right for the third. The best thing is, you can personalize your search engine with your favorite photos. The first one is a photo of my parents and sister when they visited us last year. The second was taken at Jones Beach on the Jersey Shore during my birthday and the last one was one of the photos taken from our wedding in Malaysia.

My favorite is the 3rd screenshot! You can check it out here. I love it so much until I have set it as our browser's homepage. You can personalize your search engine too. Just head over to and get started. It's lots of fun and your search engine will never be boring again!!


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