Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're Home from Montana!!

Did you miss us? :D Phewww, after 4 days out in the Ranch with no Internet or cell phone signal, it feels pretty good to be able to go online once again! Apart from that, we miss the Ranch!! There are no words to explain how amazing the Ranch experience was. It was just out of this world! Marlboro really knows how to take care of their guests. Top notch customer service, food, accommodations, activities...the whole experience. They had nothing but the best! I will blog more about what we did there and stuff over the next few days. I just need some time to get the photos organized and edited (I took almost 600 photos!). Wellll, it feels good to be home. However, I wouldn't mind winning another trip to the Ranch soon (maybe for the Winter '09 trip :P)!

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