Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night Mini Golfing in Wildwood Highlands

I wanted to post this a loooong time ago but I never got around to it. Well, I guess late is better than never :P We met up with Chris and Amanda for some night mini golfing (we initially couldn't decide between this, night fishing or going for a drive in movie) when we were back in Pittsburgh for Nicks confirmation back in June. There were a few mini golf courses to choose from but we decided on Wildwood Highlands. I personally feel that Wildwood is one of the better mini golf courses in Pittsburgh.

By the time we got there, it was already close to 8pm. No worries though, it's open til 11pm. However, most of the other stuff (bumper boats, kiddy rides, go karts, laser tag) were already close. Didn't really bother us, we were there for the mini golf :P

We decided to play 18 holes, since it was already kinda late and we were not sure if we could finish 36 holes by 11pm. I think it was $6 for one course and $9 for two courses. If we were a little bit earlier, it would have been worth it to go for the two course special :D

We got to choose between the Castle Course or the Tropical Course. Since we tried the Tropical Course the last time were there, we went for the Castle Course.

It was a nice course, with little wacky looking buildings and lots of greenery. We actually took a photo in this exact spot about 6 years ago, when we first started dating. We still have that picture..we haven't changed much. Well, maybe now we are little heavier and have a little less hair...but yeah, for the most parts, we still look the same :P

Here are some photos of the course. We were so lucky that we were the only ones there, so we could take our time playing and not have people waiting behind us for their turn.

After finishing the course, we went to get some ice cream from the vending machines and just sat around goofing around and catching up for the longest time. Felt like we were in high school once again, a bunch of teenagers...out on a Saturday night :P

We had a great time hanging out with Chris and Amanda (as always :D) and we look forward to seeing them again soon. Maybe we can go fishing or to the drive in this time around! Miss you guys!

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