Friday, June 19, 2009

Strawberry & Chocolate Sundae

Here is another quick little dessert that we made with our large Tupperware full of macerated strawberries. Nothing is better than a mid day sundae, late night snack sundae or an after dinner sundae. Heck, any time is a good time for a sundae! :P

I started off by putting a scoop of french vanilla ice cream into a margarita glass. Of course you can use a bowl or cup or any type of glass. If you like, you can use two or even three scoops of ice cream, it doesn't really matter!

Pour a generous amount of hot fudge (hot chocolate sauce) over the french vanilla ice cream.

Scoop the macerated strawberries over the hot fudge. I just love how you can see the layers forming.

Sprinkle some sliced almonds (left over from the chocolate covered strawberries) on top of the strawberries. You can of course use any type of nuts that you like. You can even skip the nuts if you're allergic to them.

Top it all up with a liberal (very very liberal :P) dollop of whipped cream! Now, wasn't that easy? A nice serving of strawberry and chocolate sundae, for any occasion, any time of the day!

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