Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goreng Pisang with Ice Cream

Kevin and I have always been big fans of goreng pisang (banana fritters). We used to eat that lots when we were living in Malaysia a few years ago. When I saw this box of goreng pisang mix at the Asian grocery store, I just had to pick it up and give it a try.

It seemed pretty easy to make, all we needed was a bunch of bananas, oil and some water. It was pretty cheap as well, only $1.50 for a box.

The first thing we need to do is prepare the batter. Just pour the mix into a large bowl.

Then, add in about 500ml of water.

Mix it all together until it has a smooth consistency.

Now we will prep the bananas. Just peel them and cut them to half. Easy enough.

The next step is to dip the bananas into the mix. Make sure it's all nicely and evenly coated.

Slide the bananas into hot oil. You have to make sure that the oil is hot enough before putting the bananas into it.

Here is a little trick to get crispier and more yummy goreng pisang. Once the bananas turn to a light shade of brown, take it out of the oil and double dip it in the batter again.

Then, return the bananas back to the hot oil and continue frying.

Once the bananas turn golden brown, take it out form the oil and allow it to cool a little on a strainer. This is also done so that the excess oil will drip away and not make the bananas soggy.

There are many ways you can eat the goreng pisang. Most people just eat it as it is (it's yummy enough). Yesterday, I served them up with some chocolate sauce and ice cream (please excuse the photo of the half melted ice cream, my kitchen was way too hot last night). Overall, I think the mix was alright, not the best though. Of course we cannot compare it to the street vendors in Malaysia, but still...I felt that something was lacking. Maybe it was the type of bananas that we used or maybe it was the mix. Either way, it wasn't the greatest. I'll try to search for a more authentic recipe for goreng pisang and try to make it again soon.


Simply June said...

oohh! goreng pisang looks good! where did u get the tepung from?

Charlene n Kevin said...

I got it from Hong Kong Supermarket. I think it's also available online from AsianSupermarket365. It's not the best lah, just ok nia. I really miss the goreng pisang from Tg Bungah :P

Heatherfeather said...

Oh this is one of my favorite treats! Mmm I love them - so bad for you ut sooooooooooooo good. I have never made them at home before though. It would be awesome if you could get a recipe for the batter.

Charlene n Kevin said...

I was just talking to a few people a while ago and it seems that the secret ingredient in the authentic batter is rice flour. I don't know, I need to research more into this :P

J.H said...

This is fantastic discovery. I wonder whether I can get that coating powder here. But THATS looks exactly like Goreng Pisang at home :-)

Charlene n Kevin said...

I'm pretty sure you can get them in the asian grocery shops in UK too :D Yeah, you are right Jess. This is Indonesian style goreng pisang.