Friday, November 21, 2008

7. Beehive Coffeehouse

The Beehive was buzzing way before Starbucks was big in Pittsburgh. Having won "Best Coffehouse in Pittsburgh" awards consistently throughout the years, you will know why the moment you step into Beehive. It's located at the corner of 14th and Carson, in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

The bright and loud colors of the shop front makes it hard to miss. Beehive's decor is really something different. Loud, mismatched furniture, paintings of local artist hanging on the walls, funky name it, they have it. Even the restrooms have graffiti clad walls!

Everything about the Beehive is just so relaxed. You can find all kinds of people there. From artsy and creative types to students and business people in suits. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are from. The people there are friendly and they want you to treat the Beehive as your second home.

The drinks they serve there taste so much better than the big chains. Try a big mug of hot chocolate with a pile of whip cream at the top or the chai latte. They also have the biggest selection of teas in the whole of Pittsburgh.

Apart from drinks, they also serve home made soups, sandwiches, finger food and all kinds of munchies. You will never go hungry at the Beehive.

The best thing about the Beehive is that there is just so much to do there. You can flip through magazines and read books which you can help yourself to at the corner, shoot pool, play some pinball, surf the Internet (they have free Wi Fi) as well just chill and play some board games (they have a huge selection).
The next time you are at the South Side and are not in the mood to head to the clubs but want a quiet night, try chillin' at the Beehive. It's always a good place to hang out and catch up with friends over a cuppa joe. Once you have been there, you would want to return...again and again.

Beehive Coffeehouse
1327 E Carson St,
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Tel: (412) 488-4483
Map: click here

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