Monday, July 13, 2009

Microwave Milo Mug Cake

Somebody passed me this recipe a while ago but I never got around to trying it out. It seemed way too easy to be good and I was pretty sure that it would turn out yucky :P We felt like eating cake a few weeks ago but we were too lazy to go out to get some. So, I decided to try this recipe out. I must say I was pleasantly surprised! It turned out to be really good. The cake was moist and tasted greaatt! The best thing only took about 10 mins in total to make! Here's how you make it.

First, you would need a tall microwaveable mug/cup. It will overflow if the mug/cup is not tall enough. Spray the inside of the mug with some non stick vegetable oil.

Measure in about 4 tbsp of flour.

Then add in about 4 tbsp of Milo. If you do not want to use Milo, you can use any type of chocolate powder that you like.

This is then followed by 4 tbsp of sugar.

Mix everything together well.

Next, crack in one egg.

Then, add in 3 tbsp of milk.

Measure in about 3 tbsp of oil

Pour in some semi sweet chocolate chips and mix everything together.

This is how it should look like once you have mixed everything together well.

Pop it into the microwave for about 3 minutes on high.

This is how it looks like after 3 minutes in the microwave. See how nicely the cake has risen up. Oh, it smells great too, by the way :P

Give the mug/cup a few good shakes and it should slide out without any problems.

This is good for two servings. I cut the cake into two and served it up with a dollop of whipped cream. It would taste yummy too if it was served up with some vanilla ice cream. It's amazing how something so yummy could be made in such a short time and all you need is some basic ingredients, a mug and a microwave!


J.H said...

wow, that is very very interesting!!!
You always amaze me with the quickest most practical delicious dishes. thanks!

HI said...

Wow...definitely gonna try it.

Anonymous said...

waaaaaa..nampak sedap...definitely gonna since i got milo at home..

Charlene n Kevin said...

J.H - Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

HI - You should, I was pretty amazed too that it turned out so well. Wasn't really expecting it to be so good :P

Anon - Siapa ni? PauPau ke? I'm sorta guessing it's you, cos it shows your location as Flushing. Next time put la your name, jangan Anon :P Hahaha!

MossbergJimmy said...

I am about to make this. Also, I live right by the Joe's Crab Shack in Lawrenceville!!! Not too shabby if you can put up with some of the customers that frequent it.


Charlene n Kevin said...

Hey! You are the guy from the Marlboro forum, rite? Thanks for visiting our blog!! =)

MossbergJimmy said...

"I'm the guy" (tom cruise quote). lol yea thats me. Tried this cake, and you blew my mind. Gonna try the beef stroganoff tomorrow. THANKS for the great, unexpected microwave dinner. As a restaurant tip, "Spice" in NYC has awesome modern thai food. One is in lincoln square, and one used to be on 2nd ave and 70th. Try the shrimp fritters app, and any noodle dish will blow you away. Also the strawberry mojo will put the misses in the right mood, lol jk jk.

Anonymous said...

Omg it is amazing!!!!