Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Magnets In The Mail!

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this in my mailbox a few weeks ago! Looks like I got a package from my parents in Malaysia.

My mom was actually in Manila for a conference sometime early June. On the last day of the conference, I asked her if she could pick up a magnet for us from the airport on her way back. Kevin and I started collecting refrigerator magnets from around the world couple of years ago and we wanted a Manila magnet to add to our collection. We told her to just keep it in Malaysia and we will get it when we go back to Malaysia for vacation one of these days (don't know when though, hopefully soon :P). My dad said no problem, he will send the magnets over. So, YAY!

The package was nicely wrapped in brown paper and inside it was a dark brown box. Wow, I expected them to arrive in just an envelope or something..hehe.

Inside the brown box were little foam 'bundles'. Eh, why did my dad send me ketupats instead of magnets? :P

After ripping off the foam and tape, there was another layer of tissue for extra protection. Man, those guys really know how to pack!!

Ahhhhh, at last! The magnets!! Apart from the two magnets that Mom got from the Philippines, I was surprised that my Dad also got us a magnet from Penang, a pair of cute little doll magnets from Korea and a little girl dressed in an Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) magnet from Vietnam. Six more magnets for our collection!! Thank you so much Mom and Dad! Oh, I would also like to thank Mr Tan from the store at my dad's office for packing those magnets. They were really really well packed, they would have survived a trip to the moon and not break! :P Also, a big thank you to Ms Hoo from the Logistics department, who used up part of her lunch break to go to the Post Office to send those magnets to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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