Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1. Primanti Brothers

Here it is........the top MUST eat restaurant in Pittsburgh is Primanti Brothers!!! If you are just on a short visit to Pittsburgh and only have time for one meal, you have to go to Primanti's. You have not visited Pittsburgh if you have not tried a Primanti's sandwich.
Primanti's started off as a small wooden lunch cart down in the Strip District. It was opened from 3pm to 3am everyday, catering to the truckers and other blue collar workers who were unloading fish, meats and fresh produce. The story goes that the sandwich was invented because the workers didn't have time or utensils to have a full complete meal. Therefore, Joe Primanti just combined the sides and meat in a sandwich. This was how the Primanti Sandwich was born.

You must be thinking, all that talk about the Primanti's Sandwich, what's in the sandwich anyways? Well, it starts off with a thick slice of Italian bread. At least an inch thick, crusty on the outside and soft and warm in the inside. Then goes the layer of meat (they also have eggs, tuna and sardines too) of your choice. On top of that goes a layer of thick hot fries followed by a generous helping of slaw. I have to point out that the slaw is unlike the regular slaw that we are used to. It not does not contain any mayo, but is made with vinegar and pepper. Crispy and fresh, almost sweet with a tinge of tangy taste. Tomatoes are places on top of that and its topped with another thick piece of Italian bread.

My favorite choice of meat is the Sweet Sausage and Cheese. Kevin loves the Cheese Steak. The Cheese Steak is dubbed the #2 Best Seller on the menu. It's actually the best selling meat in Primanti's. Can anybody guess what is the #1 best seller in Primanti's then? :P

Pittsburgh pride runs deep in that town. It starts with the Steelers and ends with sandwich. So, da next time yinz are in Picksburg, yinz hafta head dahn to Primanti's. Order a Sammitch and worsh it dohn wit an Arn. If you don't speak Pittsburghese, I just said that the next time you are in Pittsburgh, go get a Primanti's sandwich and an Iron City Beer.

So here we are. At last, we have reach the #1 restaurant in the "Top 10 Eats in Pittsburgh" series! I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. When you are in Pittsburgh and some one ask "jeet jet?" and your answer is no, pick one of the top 10 places on the list to go to. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Primanti Brothers Restaurant
46 18th Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Tel: (412) 263-2142

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Anonymous said...

Beware Primanti Brothers parking lots. Their security cameras only focus on handicapped parking spaces. So if someone creases the side of your vehicle in any other parking space, there is no tapped evidence of the incident.