Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baked Cod with Italian Crumb Topping

I managed to pick up a couple of lbs of really fresh cod fillets from our local grocery store the other day. I love cod (simply love the texture and taste!) but I do not get to eat much of it back home in Malaysia, cos it's usually really really expensive. So yeah, I was pretty stoked to find some really fresh cod fillets on sale. I looked up a few recipes online and was torn between the Stuffed Cod Fillets and this recipe. I chose to go with this and boy, I'm glad I did. It turned out to be really yummy! Let me share this really simple but yummy baked cod recipe with you.
Let's start off by making the Italian Crumb topping. It's really simple actually. Just mix in some corn meal into a bowl of Italian breadcrumbs.
Then, add in some freshly ground black pepper, garlic powder and some grated Parmesan cheese. Mix everything together and set it aside. The topping is done! Wasn't that easy?
Alright, next! Scoop some low fat/light mayo into a small bowl. Then, squeeze in some lemon juice. Combine both of the ingredients together and make sure that everything is mixed in well. Once everything is nicely mixed, set it aside.
Now it's time to prep the cod. The cod fillets that I bought were pretty large. So, I cut the fillets into half and saved the fleshy part for another day. I am going to use the tail/back portion of the cod fillet for this recipe. Place the cod fillets in a lightly greased baking dish. Remember to tuck in the end of the fillets. This is to prevent it from overcooking (since it's way thinner compared to the other parts of the fillet).
Then, spread the mayo mixture evenly on top of the cod fillets.
Once you have evenly spread the mayo onto the cod fillets, sprinkle on the Italian Crumb topping. Make sure that you coat the entire top of the fillets. Then, spray on some olive oil cooking spray. Place the baking dish into a 450F preheated oven and allow it to bake for approx 15 mins or so (depending on how thick your fillets are).
After 15 - 20 mins, remove the baking dish from the oven and allow it to sit for another 5 mins. Then, it's ready to be served! Boy, this recipe is so yummy! Our whole apartment smelled so good while it was baking in the oven...mmm mmm mmmmmmm. I served the baked cod with some pasta salad and some stir fried spinach with garlic (my current favorite side dish :P). I'm starting to get all hungry now that I am thinking of those cod fillets. Yes, they are that good! You should try this recipe. Not only is it easy and quick to make, but really yummy to eat!

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I can easily put on weight by looking at your food blogs! Yum! Yum!