Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Steaks from Marlboro!

I have always been amazed at all the awesome gifts/prizes that Marlboro gives out for their contest and sweepstakes. If you are a regular here, you would have noticed that we have won quite a lot of stuff from Marlboro. Stuff ranging from sunglasses, a HD camcorder to a 4 days 3 nights all expense paid thip to the Marlboro Ranch in Montana. This summer, Marlboro has been running their "Marlboro Country Rewards" giveaway since July. What makes this giveaway/contest different from the rest is....everybody is a winner! Everybody wins something at the end of the day.
We received this two envelopes in the mail yesterday. Woohoo! Our gifts are finally here! Wait, hang on. You must be wondering, what do you mean by 'everybody is a winner'?. Well, here's how the giveaway works. This giveaway started in July. Everyday, Marlboro will feature a new destination (interesting places located all over America) on their website. All we need to do is log on and read about it. Then, we can collect three 'chips' by performing various stuff like rating the write up or viewing the pictures. There are three levels you can unlock, depending on the amount of chips you collected at the end of the contest period. We managed to collect enough chips to unlock the highest level, so YAY!
Wanna see what's inside the envelopes? Another envelope! LOL! Well, another envelope and a card thanking us for participating in this summer's giveaway. There are actually quite a number of prizes to choose from. The level 1 prizes are small prizes, stuff like personalized key tags or luggage tags, ashtrays, coffee and mug combos....things like that. The level 2 prizes get a little better. Among some of the nicer prizes are personalized Zippo lighters, engraved flask, a very nice looking poker set and even a harmonica! Now, we qualified for the level 3 prizes. We had six prizes to choose from. A Duluth utility pack, Lucchese cowboy boots, Weber grill, Sheplers Authentic Steer Horns, a RCA mini camcorder or Omaha Steaks gift certs. We have already gotten cowboy boots and a HD camcorder (way better than the one here) from Marlboro, so that's out. We do no need another bag or grill, so that's out too. Kevin really wanted the steer horns initially but decided against it in the end. Like seriously, what are you going to do with steer horns? Hang it in front of your Honda Civic and drive around town? :P Anyways, we both ended up getting the steaks!
Here it is! We received two gifts certificates from Omaha Steaks. Each certificate is worth 163.99 and is for 6 pieces of 10 oz Boneless Strips. There are four ways to redeem the steaks. We could either fill in our particulars and mail back the certificate to Omaha Steaks, fax in the certificate, call their 1-800 number to place our order or just redeem it online. Of course we just redeemed it online. Simple and hassle free.
Here's how it works. We just need to log into the dedicated URL that leads us directly to the offer page. Then, we just need to key in our gift certificate number and fill up our particulars. After we did that and hit "submit", an email was sent to our mailbox, saying that our steaks are on the way! Wooohoo! We should be getting our steaks by Tuesday, latest. Boy, I can't wait for our 12 pieces of yummy and juicy Omaha Steaks to arrive. Thanks Marlboro for yet another awesome gift!!!


Dawn said...

Congrats guys! I started the Rewards game too late - in the middle of the running. I'm now barely Level 2. :( I was aiming for the boots! Enjoy the steaks.

Charlene n Kevin said...

Thanks! Hey, another 10 more days before the game ends. Maybe you can rack up enough points for them boots! If not, there are some pretty awesome Level 2 gifts too!

Blogger said...

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