Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soft & Comfortable Worsted Wool Apparel

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rambler's Way Farm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ah, today is officially the beginning of fall. Soon, the leaves will change it's color and it will be cold once again. This also means that it's time to pack away my summer clothes and bring out my warm clothing. As much as I love the cold weather, there is one thing I really dislike about it. Having to wear wool. Yes, they keep you warm but they are also really heavy, hot and sometimes itchy too. I really hate how it rubs against my skin. I was surfing the Internet, trying to look for an alternative to wool when I chanced upon Rambler's Way's website.

Looks like I stumbled into something that will change my perception of wool forever! You see, Rambler's Way makes comfortable next-to-skin soft worsted wool apparel. Unlike regular wool, their worsted wool garments are soft and lightweight. Not only that, they are also natural, non-synthetic, and chemical-free! It comes pre washed and enzyme-treated for shrinkage. The best part about it is that warms and cools equally. This means that I can wear it all year round! Rambler's Way apparel are 100% American, from getting the wool from sheep farms all across America to designing and manufacturing the garments in New England and The Carolinas. They are definitely not those cheap "Made in China" products.

I was looking through their products and saw the Women's Next-to-Skin Cross Neck Long Sleeve Top. It looks so comfortable and soft! I just have to get it. I love how the 'S' curve seems provide a sleek and flattering fit. You can wear it as a top, over other garments or under other garments. It is also really versatile. Since it's light, comfortable and natural, it's a perfect garment for exercising. Throw on a casual cardigan or sweater and you are ready to hit the malls. Want to look good for that all important meeting with a big client? Just put it on with your power suit and you are set to go! It's great! They also made apparel for men. I bet Kevin would love the Cross Neck Short Sleeve Shirt as well as the Boxer Briefs. You should go check out Rambler's Way and pick out a few garments for yourself!

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