Thursday, September 30, 2010

Futon living

Guest post written by Scott Price

I thought that dorm room beds were bad, but that was until I found myself sleeping on a futon for months.

But I didn't just sleep on one for my own fun. When I first moved to New York, the person who lived in my apartment before had just left a futon. Money wasn't exactly flowing then so I put off buying a bed for a while and just slept on the futon. After all, it had a really thick mattress. So I got on my CLEAR wireless internet service and looked on Craigslist to se if anyone was trying to give a mattress away in the area. I had no luck for a couple of weeks but then my friend who had been living a few blocks away for about a year told me she was moving to Brooklyn so she was just going to leave her bed and mattress behind. But when I told her my situation she let me have the mattress and we recruited two other friends to help us move it the three blocks.

Needless to say, it was a relief to get to sleep in a real bed again and not pay for it.

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Twilight said...

Sounded like my story too ~ from the dorm living to apartment and got unwanted free beds, chairs and dining. I realized Americans loved to buy new stuffs every Spring.