Friday, October 1, 2010

More stuff from CSN Stores!!

I did another advertorial for CSN Stores not too long ago and this time around, I was given a $65 gift certificate. It wasn't all that difficult to pick out the main item that we wanted (compared to the last time). We already knew exactly what we wanted. However, we couldn't decide what to do with the remaining $16 or so that was leftover. It took us a few days of looking around the huge website and we finally settled on two other items. That was on Sunday.
Look what came in via UPS yesterday (Thursday)! Our stuff from CSN Stores. YAY! As usual, shipping was really fast and they did a good job with the packaging too. Everything arrived in perfect condition.
Check this out! This is the main item that we ordered. My parents and Ashley will be coming to visit us during Christmas this year. I'm sure many of you know that we live in a one bedroom apartment, so we needed to figure out the sleeping arrangements. We have a queen size futon outside in the living room but we needed another bed or mattress. Since we don't have much storage space in our small apartment, we figured that the best way to go about this is to get an inflatable mattress. We can just inflate it when needed and store it away in a small corner of our closet once our guest goes home. It even comes with an electric air pump that inflates the extra long queen size mattress in just 4 minutes. Perfect!
Here are the other two items that I picked out. I have always wanted a pie crust protector but never got around to buying one. Every time when I bake a pie, I would have to make my own pie crust protector out of aluminum foil! :P Now, I can just use this! I must remind myself to buy some baking beads the next time around. I also have my very own home made baking beads that I would use every time I bake :P The other item that I picked out is a beer can chicken roaster. All we need to do is pour in beer or fruit juices into the container and place our chicken on it. It can be a little bit tricky to stand your chicken upright whenever you want to make beer can chicken. With this little handy gadget, it makes roasting chicken upright a whole lot easier. I will definitely post my beer can chicken recipe on here once I get around to trying it. So yeah, these are the three items that I got with my CSN Stores gift certificate. Thanks again CSN Stores!

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kailey2004 said...

Love your blog! I'm heading to the ranch this winter and cant wait.

I've been poking around your blog and seen you went to IUP.. thats not too far from me!

cant wait for more blog posts