Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food @ The Touchdown Club - New Meadowlands Stadium, NJ

Firstly, I must apologize for the long silence. We have been pretty busy lately and we have also been having some computer problems, hence the lack of new post. Anyways, all is well now and we are back. As promised, here is the long awaited post about the food available in the Touchdown Club at the New Meadowlands Stadium.
Prior to going for the game, I tried to search the Internet to see what kind of food is available in the New Meadowlands but was pretty shocked that there wasn't much about it. I found one or two press releases, remarks about the lack of choice available and mainly bad reviews about the food in the New Meadowlands. When we were actually there, we were pleasantly surprised. It was nothing like what we read in the reviews. There were a whole lot of food choices available (albeit a tad bit expensive) and I felt that the menu was very well thought out. There were the usual stadium fare like hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, chicken tenders, fries, clam strips, burgers, grilled sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches, cheese steaks, Italian sausages and know, the usual stuff.
Apart from that, there were also regional food favorites available. From the press releases, it seems that before the grand opening of the New Meadowlands, Executive Chef Eric Borgia and Sportservice's President Rick Abramson hopped in a car and scouted the area for the best restaurants, serving some of the best local food. From there, they came out with this selection. I must say that they did a pretty swell job! Among some of the more popular local food available are the NY pastrami sandwiches, lamb gyros, Taylor ham and egg sandwiches, Italian roast pork sandwiches, red and white bean turkey chili as well as meatballs made from Chef Borgia's grandmothers recipe.
If you are not a big fan of regional favorites (how can you not be?!?!), there are also a whole lot of international food to choose from. There is a sushi counter serving freshly made to order sushi, freshly made pizza from the huge brick oven in the middle of the club as well as grilled meats from a special grill section.
Now, to all you Food Network fans...check this out! This is only available at the Club and Suite levels. Food Network developed a menu featuring a variety of gourmet hot dogs and salads., just for the New Meadowlands Stadium The menu looks so good but we didn't have a chance to try them out. There is only so much one can eat, right?
Apart from all the food available, there are also three sports bars as well as a wine bar serving all types of beers, wines and liquor. The best thing about the Touchdown Club matter where you go, there are huge flat screen TVs all around. This is totally awesome, cos you really do not want to miss out on any action, while you are lining up for your beer or food.
Here's what we ate. Kevin tried the ever popular Nonna Fusco's Meatball Sub ($9) and I had the Grilled Steak Sandwich ($15). The meatballs were really out of this world! Very very good! Man, I wish I had Nonna Fusco's recipe too! :P My steak sandwich was yummy too. Juicy steak with some really crunchy fried onions on top. Our only negative comment was that the bread for both the sandwiches were a tad bit too hard. The small cup of draft beer that Kevin had was $8.75 and my extra large souvenir cup Diet Pepsi was $6. I guess I would have to agree that the food are a little on the pricey side but I guess if you are willing to fork out $400 for a ticket, what is $15 for a sub rite? Thank goodness for us, everything is on the company account! :P
After half time, we went up to the club area again to get some snacks. We shared a nachos platter, with cheese and salsa ($7.95), a braided pretzel ($4) and another soda ($6). The salsa for the nachos were awesome! Kinda spicy, with a little kick! The pretzel? It was yummy too, just like how you would expect from a NY pretzel (yes, it's the NY water that makes it so goooood!) Overall, I feel that the food selection at the New Meadowlands Stadium is really good (I really don't understand what people are complaining about!) and the quality is on par with some of the nice restaurants around this region. The only downside is that the prices can be a tad bit high, but then again, that's what you would expect to pay when you buy food and drinks at a sporting event, right?

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I dunno why I was salivating at these photos! I guess I really love such food combination! So jealous la! Their nice interior looks so spacious and breezy!