Friday, October 15, 2010

Medical Alert System by Medical Guardian

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I woke up with a really bad backache the other day. I don't really know what was the cause of it. I guess I probably slept in a wrong position or I accidentally sprained it the day before. While putting on some deep heat rub on my back (thank goodness the pain went away after that), Kevin jokingly said that I must be getting old. What's next? We go shopping for dentures and a walking stick? Ok, I'm not THAT old but that got me thinking. We are definitely not as young as we used to be. My dad just celebrated his 60th birthday earlier this year. Wow...60th! I still remember his 40th birthday celebration, like it was just yesterday. I guess our parents are not getting any younger either.

My thoughts then turned to Kevin's mom. Since Kevin's dad passed away nearly three years ago, she has been living alone in Pittsburgh. Kevin's sister lives about an hour away and we of course, is living in a whole other state. Sure, she is always busy with her friends as well as her choir practices but when she gets home, she is all alone again. What would happen if she needs help? What would happen is she falls and can't reach the phone to call us? Even if she calls us (or Kevin's sister), we are too far away to give her immediate help. I did a little research online and found out about Medical Guardian.

Medical Guardian is a leading provider of medical alert systems. They provide round the clock UL approved monitoring as well as highly rated equipment, all for a low monthly that doesn't come with any long term contracts. Also, there are no activation fees or setup cost! Here's how it works. When a client purchases a medical alarm, they will receive a transmitter button (you can wear it around your neck, as a clip on attachment or around your wrist, just like a watch) and a base unit. When a fall or emergency takes place, just press the button and a 911 operator comes on the 2-way box. How cool is that? Just imagine, with a press of a button, it could potentially save a life! For only $29.95 a month, it's definitely something I would consider getting. It's not about buying a medical alert system, it's more about keeping your love ones safe. let's face it, an emergency can happen anytime. Even the strongest person can slip up and fall. With Medical Guardian's Medical Alert System, you know that your love ones will always be in safe hands and help is just a button away.

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Twilight said...

Some doctors at Pantai Hospital were telling me about how advanced the West have achieved with all the medicare and this Medical Guardian is really useful for my old parents! .... Your dad is still so young! He must have married at his teens!