Monday, October 18, 2010

Tire Chains for the Winter

Boy, time sure flies by when you are having fun. I cannot believe it's already mid October now. Summer is definitely over for us here in the north east. The leaves have already started to change colors and the temperature is dropping real fast. Before you know it, winter will be here again. I can just feel it, something tells me the first snow fall will be coming real soon.

Winters up here in the north east can be quite brutal sometimes. Really heavy snowstorms, sometimes lasting all the way til April! The weatherman is predicting that this winter to be just as brutal (if not worse) than last years! I'm sure many of you know by know that my parents and kid sister will be visiting us over the holidays and we are planning to go on a few road trips around this region. With all the snow that we are expecting, I figured that maybe it would be wise to get ourselves some tire chains this year.

I went online to read up more about tire chains when I came upon the Tire Chain Dealer website. It's pretty much a one stop shop for all your tire chain needs. There, I managed to read up more about tire chains (since I have practically zero knowledge about them) as well as find out which tire chain/snow chain is right for me. Looks like their most popular product is the Grip, which installs in less than 2 minutes per tire and cost less than $100! Sounds good to me! Apart from having a huge selection of tire chains to choose from, they go a step further by providing videos to show you how to install them. This is perfect, especially for a first time tire chain buyer like me. Who would ever guess that buying tire chains can be so easy? So, if you are also thinking of getting yourselves tire chains this winter, just head over to Tire Chain Dealer's website and pick out one (or two!) that is right for you!

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Twilight said...

I remember the red and yellow leaves during Fall seasons were so BEAUTIFUL that I took the subway train almost daily from one end to next end's station just to admire the trees from higher angle. I miss those days! When our KL trees here are yellow.... oh dear... it must be dying liao!!! LOL