Friday, October 29, 2010

Gearing up for the winter

Guest post written by Lana Robinson

It's weird that it's been so weird here lately, even though it's well into October. I've still been wearing a lot of my summer dresses and sandals, just with thin cardigans thrown on top of them. So I feel like it's a little premature to prepare for winter now, but i think it's going to sneak up on us this year. Plus, last year was so cold that I want to make sure that any of my heat isn't getting out.

Our windows are kind of old and pretty drafty so I'm getting them replaced with some more energy efficient ones. I contacted a couple of different companies, including and I got the best quote from them so I'm going to get them to do the job.

I have to admit though that it wasn't just energy efficiency that made me want to get our windows replaced. I noticed over the summer that they were just looking really awful and I even repainted them but they were in such bad place that they looked ugly.

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