Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping For That Special Ring

Every time I go on Facebook, all I see are pictures of babies these days. A lot of my friends have recently become new mommies and daddies and there are quite a few soon to be new mommies and daddies too. I guess at this age, that's what people do. Settle down and start a family. I remember that engagements and weddings were THE topic among my friends a few years ago. Everybody was at that stage where they were just about ready to get engaged or in the midst of planning their wedding.

I remember that we (the girls) spent hours talking about that perfect engagement ring. Everybody had an idea of what they wanted. The cut, the prong design and some people even laid out some requirements about the carat of their diamond solitaire. Oh yes, I had this friend who told her boyfriend that if the rock is smaller than 1 carat, there is a high possibility that she will say no! Not only were us girls talking about engagement rings, the boys were really busy doing their research (as well as saving money up for the ring!) too. Suddenly everybody were engagement ring experts! There were also all kinds of theories, like how much an engagement ring should be (some say it should be about 3 months salary) and so on. For me, I believe that the cut, clarity, color and carat doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, you will know that you have found that special ring when you see it. It just feels right. That was exactly how Kevin felt when he found my engagement ring. In his eyes (and mine), it was perfect.

I can imagine the pressure lifting from the guys the moment they find that special ring and when the girl says yes. All that months of planning, searching for that special engagement ring and to finally proposing is definitely a fun journey. Well, guess what guys? You think that it's over once you give her that ring and she says YES? Sorry honey, it's just beginning. Now, it's time to start planning that dream wedding and also start your search for perfect matching wedding rings!

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