Friday, December 11, 2009

Taste Of China - Belleville, NJ

We ordered in some dinner from Taste Of China about a month ago. As you can see from my past food reviews, I generally don't like to do bad reviews. I only recommend the good places and try not to blog about the bad ones. However, not only is the food terrible here but the service is horrible too. It took me a while ( about a month I guess :P) to decide if I want to blog about it, and came to the conclusion that people don't only want to know where the good places are but they would also want to know where to avoid. Soooo, here it is.
My experience with this restaurant was bad from the beginning. The lady on the phone was really rude and it felt like she just couldn't wait to get off the phone. She was cutting me off and trying to get me to order as fast as I can, like she is in a hurry or something. Then, she told me that when they deliver, they won't bring it up to our apartment. I was like whaaaat? Why not? So far, all the delivery places, be it Chinese, Spanish, wings, pizza...anything....everybody brings it up. She said there are too many cars outside our apartment and there is no parking space. Hence, her delivery boy will call us when he is outside and we have to go out to get it. What a bunch of nonsense! There is always parking spaces outside and IF for any reason there isn't, most delivery boys would just double park and run up with the food. Why are they so special and need us to go down to get the food from them? Also, she already made up her mind that they won't come up...I mean, I would at least TRY to get a parking spot. If there is none, then only will I call the customer and ask them to please come down to get it (as a last resort). Since I have already ordered and stuff, fine, I agreed to go down and get the food when they delivered. Maybe the food is nice (since it's the first time ordering from them), then it will be worth it.
The food came, and yes, we had to go down to get it. I looked outside and I saw many parking spaces! Such a lazy delivery boy. Sooo, was the food good? Hellll no! Kevin ordered the General Tso's Chicken Combination Plate ($6.95). The egg roll was really really oily, way more oily than the regular egg rolls. You can actually taste oil squirt out when you bite into it. It was that bad. Also, the General Tso didn't come with any broccoli, it was just chicken. As you can see from the photo, the fried rice and General Tso was oily too. Terrible terrible...
We also ordered a small portion of Hot and Sour Soup ($1.95). Look at the crispy noodle that came along with the soup. It was soaking in was actually seeping through the paper bag. The soup was bad too. There wasn't any real taste to it, just super spicy! All you can taste is the spiciness!

Now, I have saved the best (or should I say, the worst) for last. I ordered the Steamed Chicken with Vegetables Over Noodles Platter ($4.95). It was just tasteless and bland chicken pieces and vegetables over equally tasteless noodles. It came with some sort of sauce ( I want to say maybe oyster sauce mixed with something else) that was just sticky and really really salty. It was so bad, the moment I opened the sauce, Kevin commented "What is that smell! Smells terrible". Now, Kevin doesn't really complain much, so for him to say that, it must have smelled really bad. It was. Our overall experience with this place was bad, really bad. From the bad service to the equally bad food. We threw away their menu after dinner that day, sooooo I guess we will not be ordering from them ever again :P

Taste Of China- Belleville, NJ
573 Belleville Avenue,
Belleville, NJ 07109
Tel: (973) 844 1868
Fax: (973) 844 1838

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