Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Johnny Rockets - Jersey Garden Mall, NJ

We were out shopping in Jersey Garden Mall on Monday evening and before we knew it, it was already close to 8pm. We decided that we should get some dinner before heading back home. When it comes to food outlets, there isn't really much to choose from in Jersey Garden Mall. There is the food court, Chili's Too, Sbarros, Jeepers, Johnny Rockets and the brand new IHOP, located across the street. Since there wasn't a line in Johnny Rockets (there is ALWAYS a long line in Johnny Rockets), we figured we should just eat there.
Johnny Rockets is an international chain that oozes that feel good Americana charm. Stepping into a Johnny Rockets makes you feel like you are stepping into an all American diner back in the 50's, with checkered floors and table top jukeboxes. Even the uniform of the servers brings you back to the time when milkshakes cost only 5 cents!
Since it wasn't full that day, we had a choice to either sit up front by the counter or in one of the booths. We chose the booths (yes, we are anti social people :P). The servers were really friendly and even offered to take our photo for us! Check out the cool looking table top jukebox and classic diner style straw dispenser.
The menu is exactly what you would expect from a place like this. All kinds of juicy burgers, classic sandwiches and melts to hand dipped milkshakes, malts and floats. Mmm mmm mmmmmm, this is American food at it's best. Our server took our drinks order while we were looking at the menu. I ordered the Root Beer Float ($2.99) and Kevin got the Original Strawberry Milkshake ($4.29). When our drinks arrived, we knew that it was the start of a very good meal. Both the drinks were just super yummy! I can't really explain it, but my Root Beer was made just right. With the correct amount of froth and stuff. Sooo good! Kevin's milkshake was really thick and gyummy too. You see the silver shaker thing by the side of the milkshake? It was half filled with the leftover strawberry milkshake, which you could top up after you are done with the one in your glass. I think there is enough milkshake for two people! Really worth the money.
Kevin ordered the Smoke House Double Burger ($8.99). Two juicy patties with cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, onion rings and Johnny Rockets Smoke House BBQ Ranch sauce. Doesn't it look good? Kevin said that it was really juicy and yummy. It's pretty big too (so big til he couldn't even finish the burger). Good choice Kevin!
I got the Route 66 Burger ($7.49). This is what I would order everytime I go to a Johnny Rockets. It's really good! Two patties with melted Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions and mayo...all packed into a yummy bun. Mmmm mmmm good!
Both of our burgers come with fries, However, when our server first brought out our burger, he told us that our fries should be coming out shortly. Half way through our burger, he came over again and apologized, saying that he had already reminded the the kitchen and it should be out soon. We weren't actually complaining, since the burgers were so good, we were too busy eating to even worry about our fries. We could see our server getting more and more flustered as he kept on reminding the kitchen about our fries...hahaha! Anyways, to cut the long story short, he came back and said that he felt really bad to keep us waiting and he told his manager about this. His manager agreed to give us a 20% discount on our meal, cos we had to wait for our fries! Wow! We were not even bothered that our fries did not come out together with our burger, but I guess it bothered our server enough to go ask for a discount, on behalf of us. So yeah, we got a 20% discount off our meal! :D Overall, I would say that Johnny Rockets totally rocked! Cool decor, yummy food and awesome staff!! Two thumbs up!

Johnny Rockets - Jersey Garden Mall
651 Kapkowski Road
Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Tel: (908)994 0110


Simply June said...

That is great customer service!! Thumbs up for the waiter!

Charlene n Kevin said...

Yeah he is pretty awesome! You can see him in the second picture, he is the guy making drinks. Hahaha! :D

BuffaFly said...

that looks so sinfully yummy! I want sommmmmmmeeeeee!!!! my dreams...

Charlene n Kevin said...

Yeah they were yummmy!! Aiyah, no need to dream lah. Just come visit your sister and bro in law here in then US, then can eat already lor...hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Its not a desire for awesome service that motivated your server. It was fear. It is little known but corporate runs that company with an iron fist. All it takes is one well worded complaint to corporate and an employee with a long and/or good history with the company could/will lose their job. This from an anonymous employee of the company who miraculously has been around long enough to see it happen more than once. And contrary to popular belief, few of the find the "singing and dancing" to be even remotely entertaining. In for those less inclined to physical expression, inability to perform the dances properly can actually jeopardize ones job. In my case, it is a fair and even great place to work, but this is soley on the efforts of our store's management, who have even greater fear for their jobs then the crew. Just a bit of a reality check.