Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cadbury Wispa Duo Mix Up

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There is nothing that I enjoy more than taking a bite off a rich and creamy chocolate bar. One bite and it instantly send me to heaven. After that first bite, I would want another and another and another. That's how much I love chocolates. Many people say that girls love chocolates more than guys, but I beg to differ. I know that Kevin loves chocolates as much as I do. In fact, I sometimes think that he loves chocolates even more than me! As much as we love all kinds of chocolates, I would have to say that Cadbury will always remain as my favorite chocolate.

I have been eating Cadbury chocolates for as long as I can remember. It's rich, bubbly and creamy flavors makes it stand out from the rest. Recently, Cadbury launched a new product that is quite ingenious. It's called the Wispa Duo. Well, I wouldn't really call it a new product, because the Wispa has been around for a while. However, the Wispa Duo is a new twist to an old treat. The Wispa Duo is the perfect combination of a right and left bar, in one pack. That's right, you get a twin treat, both left and right, in one pack! Now, the big question remains? Which is left and which is right? Watch the new Wispa Duo advert from Cadbury and solve the problem of having a left bar, where you should have a right one. So, which bar do you prefer? The left or right bar? As for me, I prefer the right bar...because we all know that I am always right ;P

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