Monday, June 7, 2010

CRAZY Domain Sale - TLDs at ONLY USD 0.99!

You know how I have always said that I am thinking of getting my own domain name and how I am constantly on a lookout for great domain names deals? Well, guess what? I came across an amazing deal earlier today that is totally out of this world! I initially couldn't believe my eyes but upon reading through all the terms, it is indeed real! If you are thinking of getting your own domain name (just like me), you should definitely check this out.

Starting June 9th (yes, this coming Wednesday!), at 8am (PDT (UTC -07:00), will be running an Extravaganza Sale for Domain Names. In conjunction with their 9th Anniversary, .com and .net domain names will be going for only US$ 0.99!! Yes, I am not joking. Only $0.99! That's even less than buying a bottle of soda! Here's how it works. The first twenty .com and .net domain names will be sold at $0.99, and the price will increase by $1 for every subsequent 20 domains sold. How awesome is that?!? This is not a joke, there are no gimmicks or hidden charges involved! It's definitely a sale that is too good to miss.

If you are currently using a free website and do not own an identity for your website (domain name), now is the time to grab one before the price goes up! Maybe you are just a reader and don't have your own website yet but is planning to do so in the future. Well, let me tell you this. Now is the time to get one. If you planning to have a website but have not purchased any domain name yet, why pay more when you can have the same thing at a much lower price? Even for those who already own a domain but still feel the need to get another one or several different extension domain names (for example,, in order to start your new websites or online business, you too should take advantage of their Super Duper Domain Sale!

So, need I say more? Act fast and head over to to grab your desired domain names before the sale is gone in no time. No coupon code is needed. Just head over to their website on June 9th at 8am and start buying your desired domain names!!! You still think that this deal from is UNBELIEVABLE? Well, BELIEVE IT! I'll be there come June 9th to get my domain name and you should too.

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