Friday, June 4, 2010

National Donut Day 2010

For those of you who don't know, today is National Donut Day! No, it's not some 'new holiday' created by donut companies but it actually has been celebrated since 1938, when it first began to honor women who served soldiers donuts during WWI. So, since then, every first Friday in June is National Donut Day!
We were out grocery shopping earlier this evening and on our way home, I remembered that Dunkin Donuts is giving away one free donut with a beverage purchase the whole of today. Actually, Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts all day too (and we don't have to buy anything), but the nearest Krispy Kreme is in, yeah, it's not worth it to go all the way there just for a donut! :P Anyways, since it was so hot and humid today, we really didn't mind going to Dunkin Donuts to get a nice icy cold Coolatta. So, we stopped by the Dunkin Donuts (not our usual one) near the grocery store to get our drinks and free donuts.
Now, here is when it gets interesting. Firstly, let me say that Dunkin Donuts has been really promoting this free donut thing. It's everywhere. On TV, in the newspapers, all over the Internet, heck, there is even a poster right in the middle of their glass door when we walked in (I took that photo later on, when we were on our way out). How difficult was it to buy a drink and get that free donut? I told Kevin that we better ask the guy again about the promotion...he looked really shady and I didn't want him to screw us over by selling us the drink and not giving us the free donut (I know, it's just a donut, but it's a matter of principle and not about us wanting some free donuts). So, we asked him if they are giving away free donuts today. He looked at us straight in the eye and said "YOU want ME to give YOU a free donut?". We were like "Yeah, National Donut Day? Free donut promo? Buy a drink and get a donut for free?". He then repeated himself again, like we were total why in the world would we ask him for free donuts. He had like bloodshot eyes and had this really thick Indian accent. Maybe he was on crack, who knows. I really don't know what his deal was, but he just had no clue of the promo and acted like we were crazy to ask him for free donuts. I was getting a bit irritated and was about to walk out when another guy came over and said, you have to buy a drink, THEN you get a free donut. Like doh! Of course we are buying a drink. We just asked if you are participating in the promo and giving out free donuts today! Geeezzzz...
Anyways, I ordered a Watermelon Coolatta and despite saying "Watermelon Coolatta" for like 5 million times, he kept on saying "Strawberry?". What's wrong with that guy??? Watermelon doesn't sound like Strawberry at all!! At last he said "oh watermelon" and asked me what size I wanted. Before I could say anything, the other guy told him "just make it a large!". I was like WTH! Who said I wanted a large?I told him medium and Kevin ordered a medium Strawberry Coolatta. If you noticed, I took the picture of the Coolattas in the car, cos Kevin didn't want me taking pictures inside the store. I guess he didn't want them to jump over the counter to beat us up or something, I don't know. Anyways, for the record, both the Coolattas sucked big time! Not only were they super watered down, they tasted really weird too. Terrible terrible. I'd rather drink water instead of this yucky Coolattas. At first I thought my Watermelon was really bad, then I tried Kevin's Strawberry...even worse! Just horrible.

Soooo, here it is. The free donuts that got us into that terrible Dunkin Donuts in the first place. Two sad looking Boston Kreme donuts. What a night. Getting all irritated with having to deal with the two Dunkin Donut workers that probably doesn't even understand English all that well but thinks that they are the smartest people around, super yucky tasting Coolattas that cost us about 7 bucks...all for two Boston Kreme donuts. Worth it? Hell no! Please remind me to go to Krispy Kreme next year!

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