Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Any Large Papa Johns Pizza for $10!!

We wanted to order in some pizza for the England vs. USA match last weekend, so I went online to see what are some of the latest pizza specials. With this on going 'pizza wars' among all the big pizza delivery companies, who knows what deals I might find.
Remember me blogging about the promotion Pizza Hut is having? Yeah, $10 for any pizza. Well, almost any pizza. If you wanted a stuffed crust, then you would have to add on another $2 for it. Guess what? Papa Johns is now doing that too! You can get any large Papa Johns pizza for 10 bucks! Unlike Pizza Hut, there are no exceptions. All large pizzas means all large pizzas. This includes all of their speciality pizzas as well as the create your owns. With the create your owns, you can add up to 7 toppings per pizza. Now, THAT'S a good deal!

I was ready to order when I found out that you can "Papa Size" your large pizza to an XL pizza for an additional $2. That's not bad at all. This means you can get a 30% bigger pizza for only $2 more. I cannot remember ever getting an XL 16" pizza for $12! We chose to "Papa Size" our pizza and created our own heavenly pie. We piled on spicy Italian sausages,ham,bacon,pepperoni, extra cheese, onions and half with green peppers and the other half with mushrooms. Yummy yummy yummy! As usual, the pizza arrived piping hot, in about half an hour. Looks like Papa Johns hit a home run this time around with this promotion. Boy, Dominos better come up with something good soon, or else, they will be left behind in this crazy 'pizza wars'!


Elizabeth said...

Not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I did so several months ago and have been following you ever since.

Your PapaJohns post made me order one last night. We ordered the XL, too, and it was huge and oh so yummy!

Thanks for keeping up an interesting & fun blog!

Charlene n Kevin said...

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy blogging =) Yeah,it sure is a good deal. $12 for such a huge and yummy pizza!