Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tropical Breeze Cocktail

Kevin wanted to buy some beer last weekend, so we headed out to our local bottle shop. While he was at the beer section, deciding between a 24 can carton of Heineken or some other beer, I wandered around the shop aimlessly. I initially wanted to check if they had any Lychee liquer in stock, so that I can make some Lychee Martinis. Unfortunately, they didn't have any. Oh well, no big deal. I'll just buy some 7 Up and mix it with one can of Kevin's beer and make some Shandy. Then, something else caught my eye.
I have never seen this on the shelves before (not that I am always looking, maybe it's been there all this while, I don't know...). A 750ml bottle of ready to serve Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Tropical Mojito Cocktails, Mango flavor. It's a blend of Caribbean white rum, Curacao liquer and exotic tropical fruit flavors. The alcohol content is 12.7%, with a 25.4 proof. The label suggested serving it over ice with some mint or a slice of lime. However, I figured it will be even yummier if I used this in a cocktail. So, here's the cocktail I came up with.
Start off by scooping some crushed pineapples and placing it at the bottom of a hurricane glass.
Then, add in some crushed ice til it fills up about half of the glass.
Now, add in the Capt Morgan Parrot Bay Tropical Mojito Cocktail mix. I poured in til it filled a little over half of the glass. If you like your cocktail to have a little more kick to it, you can fill it up til 3/4 of the glass.
Then, squeeze into the glass the juice of about half a large orange.
Finally, top it all up with some Mountain Dew.

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm, a cool and refreshing glass of Tropical Breeze (that's what I called my creation :P). I just love how all the citrus and exotic fruit flavors come together, with the fizz from the Mountain Dew. Trust me, it's really good. A perfect drink on a hot summer's day!

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