Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pizza Hut: Any Pizza for $10!!

Man, you gotta love the pizza wars that started between all the pizza chains late last year. In their effort to out do each other, we the consumers can only sit back, smile and continue to watch the prices of delivery pizza go down lower and lower. I know that this is not exactly a new promotion but I just never got around to blogging about it. In fact, I believe Pizza Hut started this $10 for any pizza deal sometime in Nov last year.
We were out grocery shopping a few weeks back and decided to order carryout from Pizza Hut (which was just next to the grocery store). This is our usual order and we have ordered this same line up countless times, since the promotion started in Nov. However, I only gotten around to take some pictures and blog about it this time around. :P
First up is the "Any Pizza for $10" deal. Firstly, let me point out that is it not exactly 'ANY' pizza for $10. If you want a stuffed crust pizza, you have to pay an additional $2. You know something? The stuffed crust is sooooooo yummy, it's definitely worth that $2. Apart from that, any other pizza (any size, any topping, any crust) is $10. We ordered a large Meat Lovers Stuffed Crust Pizza for only $12.
We also ordered a portion of Stuffed Pizza Rollers. Trust me, they are so so good! 4 pieces of super cheesy pepperoni rolls, with a choice of either marinara or ranch sauce. Guess what? They are only $5! You can also order their P'zone Pizza (it's basically a calzone) for only $5 too.

I just love Pizza Hut's Baked Wings. They are so large and juicy, it really puts all the other pizza delivery company's wings to shame. Here we have an order of 14 mild buffalo wings for $7. It comes with a free tub of Blue Cheese. Pizza Hut is definitely my favorite when it comes to delivery pizza but we rarely order from them because they used to be the most expensive. Now, with all this new deals, it looks as though they are on level playing field with the rest. I'm sorry Dominos and Papa Johns, looks like we will be getting our pizzas from Pizza Hut from now on (unless somebody comes up with an even better deal!).


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aline said...

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Anonymous said...

These must be a seasonal thing cause they are offering them now for free when you sign up for the hut club or something, but anyone whos favorite pizza place is pizza hut and dominos you havent had real pizza, you gotta go to the local mom and pop shops like carbonis, pizza luce, italian pie shoppe, piccolos, or whatever you have in your area, im in st. paul / Minneapolis... dominos is generic, cheap mass produced, mcdonalds level food... just my opinion...

Charlene n Kevin said...

Errrmmm this post was more than TWO YEARS ago, of course promotion is different now. Maybe you should look at the date before commenting.

Also, the post is about PIZZA HUT, why are you making reference to DOMINOS?

Finally, I find it very amusing that someone from Minnesota would give someone living in the NY/NJ region 'advise' about "real pizza".