Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goody Restaurant - Chinese & Spanish Food

We were running low on groceries early last week and I was too lazy to go out shopping, so we decided to order in some dinner that night and go grocery shopping the next day. I remembered somebody slipping this take out menu under our door a while ago and we decided to give it a try.

It says "Chinese and Spanish Food". Wow..Chinese AND Spanish food? So, is it a Chinese restaurant that sells Spanish food or the other way around? I thought that it was a pretty funny combination.

Check out their menu. One side of it was the usual Chinese take out food like General Tsaos, Sweet Sour Chicken...the usual. The other side was the usual Spanish take out food! Yeah, beans, rice, fried plantains...

Looking for something different, we decided to try their special on the Spanish side of the menu. Only $12.00 for one whole roast chicken, large black bean rice and large fries. Sounds good to me. There was even a coupon for a free can of Coke or Pepsi when we ordered $10.00 or more.

We called in to order that special and also added on another can of Coke. After the call, we came to the conclusion that it's a Chinese restaurant that also sells Spanish food. Smart Chinese fellas, I guess they wanted to be different from all the other Chinese take out places(trust me, there are a lot here) and figured that they will boost their sales if they also sell Spanish food in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood.

The delivery was pretty fast too. It arrived in less than half an hour after we placed the order. Three boxes of steaming hot food and two chilled cans of Coke. The delivery guy was also really nice and polite, a cute little old Chinese man. Hahaha.

Now the most important part. How was the food? Firstly, they were really generous with the portions. I think that $12 combo was enough to feed at least 4 people. They really piled on the rice and fries. Unlike most places, the fries managed to stay warm and crispy. We expected to get soggy fries but was pleasantly surprised. It's the first time I've tried Black Bean Rice so I cannot say if it's good or not compared to other places. However, I really liked the taste. The main highlight was the roast chicken. It was really really good. It somewhat reminded me of the kind roast chicken I would get back home in Malaysia. The chili sauce was good too, it was definitely Spanish but had this Asian kick too it. It's hard to explain :P

It was a good meal. In fact, we had leftovers for my lunch and also dinner for the two of us the next day! For $14.79, it wasn't bad at all. I'll definitely order from Goody Restaurant again the next time we feel like having roast chicken delivered to the home!

Goody Restaurant
123 Washington Avenue,
Belleville, NJ
Tel: (973) 844-0888
Hours: Sun to Thurs - 11am til 11pm, Fri & Sat - 11am til 11:30pm

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