Saturday, April 11, 2009

Macy's Flower Show 2009

We were in the city today to catch the circus (will blog about that later) in Madison Square Garden, so we took the PATH to 33rd St from Pavonia/Newport station. We were a little bit early, so we decided to walk across the street to Macy's flagship store in Herald Square to check out the Macy's Annual Flower Show.

I guess it's a big event here in NYC. There were just so many people there, despite the weather (it was raining on and off). The show runs from April 5th til April 19th. Macy's imported in all kinds of flowers from all over the world just for this show. Since it's such a big thing, we decided to brave the crowds and went in to see what the hype is all about.

Here is a photo of the window displays around the store. This are the same famous window displays that they would do up for Christmas. All of the displays are interactive, with moving parts, sound and the whole works. I just wish I took a better picture of them. It's really hard cos there were just too many people. Look at the amount of flowers used in the display!

We were greeted by two giant flower flamingos the moment we walked into the store. It was such a sight. There were just flowers and plants everywhere!! On top of the perfume/cosmetics arches...even on the chandeliers! Such a pretty sight. There are also special events like table centerpiece decor by Martha Stewart and various other things. They even have free tours every half an hour to show you all the different types of flowers, explain a little bit more about where they came from and answer any questions that you might have about the flowers on display. Of course we didn't join the tour lah, going to the flower show and actually enjoying it is 'Aunty' enough :P Here are some of the photos we took inside Macys.

After we were done walking around Macys, we crossed the street to check out Herald Square. Looks like the white cherry blossoms are already in bloom.

Herald Square is actually one of my favorite parks, it's really tiny but nice :D This is what greeted us when we walked in. Soooo nice!! Looks like spring is really here!

I asked Kevin to take some photos of us in the park, since the flowers and cherry blossoms are so nice. He said he will take photos of me but he doesn't want to be in it. He says its too gay! Hahahaha! It's not's nice! Oh well, I will take pictures...even if he doesn't want to be in it :P

Here is another one!

Nice or not? Boy, spring is here at last!!!

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