Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6th Annual Dark Sky Festival at Harmony, FL

When was the last time you actually gazed at the night sky? I am not talking about just looking up to the sky. I am talking about actually stopping and enjoying the night sky without any light pollution. I know it's been a while for me. It doesn't help either that I am living in NYC. It's almost impossible with all the lights around me.
Starting at 6pm on the 25th of April, 2009, there will be a festival to celebrate and promote the benefits of a night sky free from the effects of excess artificial lighting in Harmony, FL. It's the 6th Annual Dark Sky Festival! Poor outdoor lighting not only dims the magnificent splendour of the heavens but also wastes energy, reduces night visibility and confuses as well as disturbs wildlife. The town of Harmony was chosen because it is Central Florida's largest certified green community and features dark sky friendly lighting on it's streets and homes.
There are many reasons why we should help fight light pollution. Did you know that in United States alone, we spend billions annually on light pollution? It also waste a large amount of our valuable natural resources ( millions of barrels of oil and coal) as well as pollute the air we breathe. Nocturnal wildlife are also affected by light pollution. Many species will stop reproducing if their natural habitat is destroyed by light pollution. For example, all Florida Sea Turtles are threatened by light pollution. Not only are the wildlife affected, light pollution also harms humankind! Many ailments have been linked to light pollution.
So, for a fun and educational night out, head to the 6th Annual Dark Sky Festival on the 25th of April at Harmony, FL. Bring your kids along, there will be lots of activities and fun for all ages. Attendees will have a chance to view the night sky from telescopes set up by various amateur astronomy clubs. There will also be music and food as well as speciality booths and street performers. You can also head to the education zone for presentations by astronomers and scientists or learn about and meet some nocturnal wildlife at the Great Hall Theater. The kids will have a chance to meet The Mad Scientist, check out the Cosmic Kids Zone as well as explore the night sky at the StarLab. This is definitely one festival that you should not miss. Where else can you have so much fun while educating yourself about the beautiful night sky!! See you at the 6th Annual Dark Sky Festival!!!


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Anonymous said...

Whenever I take a trip out of the city, the sky looks a hundred times more gorgeous and then it strikes me how long it has been since I last saw it in all its glory.