Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yamaha Rhino ATV Rollover Danger

Do you enjoy the thrill of riding around on your ATV? Well, I do. However, there are many dangers that might come along with it if you pick the wrong ATV. Yamaha has recently recalled more of it's Rhino Side by Side (SxS) ATV vehicle. The main reason for the recall is rollover risk. This is extremely unsafe because it rolls over, even when operating at low speeds. Many injuries and even death have occurred due to the defective design of the Rhino. Some of the common injuries include broken legs (tibia), broken arms as well as devastating head and spinal chord injury.

The Yamaha ATV has been linked to many rollovers due to various factors. One of the main reasons is that it is top heavy, therefore having a high center of gravity. It also has very small tires and is narrow. Because of it's small tires and narrow body, it gives the vehicle less of a platform for stability. Apart from that, many Rhinos do not come with doors on the passenger compartment. When the Rhino rolls, the passenger tends to stick out their leg to try and balance the vehicle. Typically, the driver or passenger will not be able to control the vehicle, thus causing it to roll over and crush their legs.

Yamaha has developed doors and passenger handholds and is offering them to owners of the 2004-2007 ATV models free of charge. Even after the recall, Yamaha still refuses to admit that the vehicle's design is defective. Instead, they blame the drivers for their own injuries.

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