Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 Things To Make With Leftover Ham

This is a wayyyyy overdue post. Remember me blogging about our Easter dinner? We had a really huge 12 lbs ham and some other sides. I think I mentioned that we will be having leftover ham for the longest time and yes, we did just that! It took us a little more than 1 week to finish all the leftover ham :P So, what did we do with all that ham?

Welll, initially we ate it with the leftover sides that we had. Once that was all gone, we started to make other sides to go along with it. For example, we made some spinach and wheat pasta with cream sauce as a side. Sometimes we would eat it with things like broccoli cheese rice, herb rice or even rice pilaf.

Of course we also made sandwiches with the ham. We would just put some mayo and mustard on any type of bread with a few pieces of ham. Makes a great midnight snack! Kevin would also take it to work for lunch.

Another variation is to make chopped ham salad sandwich. Just chop the ham into tiny pieces and mix it with mayo, a little bit of deli mustard and sweet relish. It's really really yummy. You can put it on bread, stuff it in a pita, in a crescent roll, use it in a tortilla can use it with almost anything!

Leftover ham is also great for casseroles. I made a ham and broccoli casserole with some of the leftover ham. It's real easy to make and really good too. I'll post the recipe for it in another post, another time :P

If you don't really have time to make a casserole, just buy one of those instant pasta packets and add in some ham when you are cooking it in the microwave. It gives that extra yummy kick to your mac n cheese!

We also whipped up some nice omelets with the leftover ham. Just cut the ham into chunks, throw it in a pan with eggs, some herbs, cheese and voila! You got yourself a nice ham omelet for breakfast or brunch!

Chopped ham also makes a good topping for salads. We ate it with some iceberg lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese and ceaser salad dressing. Mmm mmm mmm :D

Another yummy thing to make with leftover ham are pies and quiches. Shown here is a ham and cheese pie. To get the recipe for ham quiche, just click here. You just have to substitute the bacon with ham and spinach with broccoli. If you like spinach, you can make it with spinach too!

Cooking with leftover ham is not limited to Western dishes. A quick and easy Asian dish to make is fried rice. I would just fry up the ham with some mixed vegetable and rice. I added in some franks into my fried rice that day and topped it up with a fried egg. I served it with some dumpling and egg drop soup.

If you are not a fan of rice, you can eat it with noodles too. I would just slice up the ham and eat with any sort of noodle soup and vegetables. This time around, I ate it mee suah (thin rice noodles) and cabbage. I would sometimes eat it with nissin noodles or regular lo mien (yellow noodles) too. If you are not in the mood for soup, it taste equally good too if you fry it with instant noodles and make some ham maggi goreng!

There are still tons of things you can make with your leftover ham. There is no right or wrong, just be creative and I assure you that it will be yummy. This is our ham on Easter evening and what's left of it about 8-9 days later :P Hope you like some of the stuff I made with the ham. Go ahead, try out new recipes the next time you have leftover ham and don't forgot to share them with me!!!

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