Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Binh Duong Traditional Vietnamese Restaurant

I have been meaning to blog about this restaurant for the longest time but never really got around to doing it. We were out grocery shopping in the Bloomfield area a few weeks back and we were looking for a place to grab something quick for dinner. We remembered seeing this small Vietnamese restaurant next to East West Asian Market the last time we were there, so we thought we would give it a try.
Since we had groceries in the car, we decided not to eat in but to take out our dinner. The exterior of the restaurant is nothing to shout about and I can say the same for the interior. Just your regular hole in the wall joint, with a few tables and chairs. It was still early for dinner but there were already quite a lot of diners there. We were the only non Vietnamese there, so I would take that as a good sign :P The owner took our orders and within 15 minutes or so, they brought out our piping hot food in two huge bags. Here's what we ordered.
Whenever we have Vietnamese food, we HAVE to order the Goi Cuon ($3.95 for 2 rolls). That's like my all time favorite Vietnamese food. The Goi Cuon aka Summer Roll had really large and fresh shrimp, very very yummy. Also, the peanut sauce was aweeessoomme! Seriously, it's been a while since I had a summer roll this good. Two thumbs up!
Apart from the Goi Cuon, we also ordered the Cha Gio ($4.95 for 5 rolls). That's the Vietnamese spring roll. Mini fried spring rolls filled with shrimp and pork. It also came with mint, lettuce and fish sauce. Again, it was super yummy! Crunchy on the outside and the filling was really tasty =) Yummy yummy yummy!
I ordered the Pho Dac Biet ($6.50), which is the House Combo Pho. Rice noodles with rare beef, well done beef, brisket, tendon and tripe served in an authentic Vietnamese beef broth. I added some Bo Vien (beef balls) for an additional $1. The noodles also came with bean sprouts, basil,lime and a sauce mixture of hoisin and hot sauce. I have had quite a lot of pho in my lifetime but I dare say that the beef broth here is superb! Really really good. I will definitely have to order this again.
Kevin ordered the Suon Nuong ($9.95), which is Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chops served with a salad and steamed Jasmine white rice. Just like all the other stuff that we ordered, this too was super yummy. The pork chops were nicely marinated and grilled to perfection. The best part of the pork chops is the slightly charred edges, mmm mmm gooood. Overall, this is an awesome restaurant. Quick service, friendly staff, affordable prices and most importantly, really good food! Boy, we are really happy that we found this place. It's only about 10 minutes away from our apartment. This means, we do not need to go to the city or Jersey City to get affordable and authentic tasting Vietnamese food anymore. Yay!

Binh Duong Traditional Vietnamese Restaurant
61 1/2 Belleville Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Tel: (973) 680 8440
Fax: (973) 680 8441
Hours: Mon - Sat (11am - 10pm), Sun (11am - 9pm), Closed on Tuesdays

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