Friday, July 23, 2010

Wow! We now own a diner??

Every since we started this blog back in 2008, our readership has grown quite a bit. When we first started, the only readers of this blog were my dad, Ashley and a few of my cousins :P Today, we pretty much get visitors from all over the world. It's really exciting and fun actually, to get comments and make new friend with people from all over. Of course, not every comment is pleasant and nice. There are a few nasty ones too. Hey, we understand. If we were to have a blog and choose to open it up for the world to see, there are bound to be a few people out there who do not share the same opinion as us. That's all good.

I don't know if you guys noticed the slight updates that we added to the blog recently. We now have a contact form, among other things. Since we added that form, we have been getting quite a lot of feedback/comments/emails from readers. I was pretty amazed that people actually used the form! :P Most of the comments have been pretty good but we do get a few weird ones occasionally. Yeah, weird people trying to sell us Viagra! We received a really weird comment a few weeks ago and by far, it's the weirdest. Check this out!

RE: Complaint

Myself and 2 friends stopped in your diner today for lunch. We were surprised to see that you didn't make wraps which is what we all wanted for lunch. Due to our disappointment we left and the nasty waitress cahged us for soda that we didn't even drink. Needless to say, we will never return or recommend your diner to anyone.

Lauren Camperlino (

Wow! What's going on? When did we become proud owners of a diner?? Not only that, our diner doesn't serve wraps for lunch?? That's horrible! All diners should serve wraps for lunch. And our waitress was rude and nasty to you? Man, we don't cut no slack in our diner. Lauren, I'll make sure that this never happens again. You know what? I think I'm just gonna fire her tomorrow. Imagine that, charging you for a soda that you ordered but chose not to drink. Tsk tsk tsk. Actually Lauren, come to think about it, this is what I'm going to do. I am deeply ashamed that we don't serve wraps for lunch, especially when that's the ONLY thing that you wanted (what about dinner, do you like wraps for dinner too? or is it just a lunch thing?). So, we are going to give you free food for life. As much wraps as your tummy can hold. Oh, and we will even throw in free sodas. How's that? Please please please recommend our diner to your friends and family. Please return. We cannot bear to see the diner (that we have no knowledge about or even own) go down the drain.

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