Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Perfect Table For The Holidays

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and was greeted with the most amazing sight. About 80% of the leaves have changed color and it was just so beautiful. I cannot believe it's already fall. I am not complaining though, fall is my favorite season of all. I just love the nice cool weather and of course, the lovely colors everywhere. Halloween is fast approaching and before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here! I am especially looking forward to this Christmas, since my parents and sister will be visiting us from Malaysia. It's been a while since we celebrated Christmas as a family (since I am always here for Christmas and they, back in Malaysia). I just know that it's gonna be a totally awesome Christmas this year! Also, my mother in law might be visiting from Pittsburgh to spend Thanksgiving with us over here at Jersey, so we are really excited about that too.

With the possibility of hosting both Christmas AND Thanksgiving this year, we have already started to plan for it. Every time we go out, we have been looking around for decorations as well as recipe ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I just love the idea of whole family having dinner together around a huge table, filled with all kinds of beautiful decorations and yummy food. However, since our apartment is so tiny, there really isn't much space for a large table. Looks like we might have to settle with putting all the food on one table, everybody picking out what they want and then eating on our tiny dining room table.
Oh how I wished we had bought a drop leaf table instead of our tiny regular dining room table that we currently have now. A drop leaf table would be the perfect table during the holiday season. It opens out into a huge table, with plenty of room for everybody. After dinner, we can just fold it back in and push it against the wall (just like our current dining room table). Wouldn't that be awesome? Hmmm, we have almost a month before Thanksgiving. Maybe we should consider getting rid of our tiny dining room table and getting a drop leaf table instead. What do you guys think?

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Charmaine said...

I think a drop leaf table is great esp. during the festive season. Hope you can find one that is suitable for your needs. We have one that closes to 6 people and opens up to seat 12. Great for CNY and Xmas.