Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Hiking - Take The Cell Phone

Content by Kyle Lowe

If you share my enthusiasm about going hiking you will understand the feeling of hiking on a regular basis. Hiking is good for your physical body but it also is good to clear your head and keep your spirit in line with the life force around you.

One day I woke up and started to prepare for my hike. As I was leaving I set my home security alarm prior to going hiking. Living in New York you neve now what to expect, so I made sure to get a local Manhattan Adt security system. I clipped my cell phone on my belt and started to drive over to my friends Ken's house to pick him up. Ken always goes with me when I hike. It gives him something to do since his ex-wife took a hike on him with another man.

Just as I was getting to Ken's place my cell phone rings and it was my mother. I answered and she wanted to know if I could pick up my brother's medicine this afternoon. I said yes and hung up the phone. Ken and I drove to the store and got a few things for our hike. About half way through our hike my phone rings and I answer it. Once again it was my mother. She says to her wisdom..."why do you take your cell phone with you when you hike?" So I said "Just in case you call me Mom."


Twilight said...

My wife is dragging me to hike Mount Kinabalu this year end!!! I am worried! :)

Adam Scott said...

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