Monday, September 27, 2010

Guess who is goin' to the Giants game this weekend?

Kevin and I are huge football fans. Sure, we like soccer. Baseball as well as hockey is cool too. However, we looveeeee football. Seriously, nothing comes close to football. Whenever football season comes around, you know where we will be every Sunday afternoon. That's right, in front of our TV, watching the game. We have always wanted to go watch a live Steelers game but getting tickets to a Steelers game is close to impossible (unless you are willing to pay really jacked up prices). Kevin's boss asked him a couple of weeks ago if we would like tickets to go watch a Giants game with him and his girlfriend at the new Meadowlands stadium. Like doh! Of course we would. Granted, it's not a Steelers game but the idea of getting to watch a live NFL game was just out of this world.
Look what Kevin brought home today! Yup, two tickets to the Giants vs Bears game for this weekend!! They are not just any tickets. They are Touchdown Club seats tickets. This babies cost $400 a piece! It comes with access to the club level lounge as well as premium parking. Boy, we are so excited. Not only do we get to go watch a live NFL game but we scored some really awesome tickets. Section 217, row 10. I went to the Giants stadium website and checked out the location of our seats. Wanna see how close we will be to the field?
Yup, that's pretty close!! I also love how we are right at the 10 yard line, so we can see all those touchdowns up close. So so so exciting. We will be meeting Brian and Lindsay (Kevin's boss and his gf) at the game. Since they are huge fans of the Chicago Bears, I bet it will be an interesting night. Six more days to the game....ohhhh, I can't wait!!!

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