Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Address Plaques, Signs and Such!

When I was growing up in Malaysia, my parents were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel quite a lot. My dad was heading the marketing department, hence his work sent him on many overseas trips. What I looked forward the most (apart form him actually being home) whenever he returned from a trip was the stuff that he would buy home. All kinds of 'new' and 'exciting' things that we have never seen before in Malaysia.

One of the things that I remembered him proudly bringing home one day was a personalized address plaque for our home. You see, back then, we didn't have many personalized items for sale in Malaysia. So yeah, it was a big thing. When we moved, I think they were pretty sad that we couldn't use those house address plaques anymore (obviously, since we now have a different address).

A few years ago, Kevin and I were in Bangkok and we saw a shop selling personalized address plaques. So, we made one for my parents. Unfortunately, the numbers started dropping off after a couple of months. I guess those were bad quality ones. I recently found a website online that offers all kinds of mailboxes, address plaques, address signs, personalized home and garden decor by Whitehall Products. Those are good high quality products and I am pretty sure they are made to last. Maybe I should make another address plague for my parents. What do you guys think?

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massiecarl said...

Hi. Thats a pretty interesting story. You should definitely get a new address plaque for your parents.
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