Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Free Steaks from Marlboro are here!!

Remember me blogging about receiving two Omaha Steaks gift certificates from Marlboro last week? Yeah, both Kevin and I chose the steaks as our Level 3 reward from the "Marlboro Country Rewards" contest/giveaway. Anyways, we received our gift certificates in the mail last week and we ordered our steaks online. Omaha Steaks sent us an email yesterday telling us that they have shipped our steaks and that we should expect it to arrive today. True enough, our friendly UPS guy brought two huge coolers to our door early this evening! Woohoo! Our steaks are here! :D
I love the Omaha Steaks cooler. They always do such a great job in keeping the steaks frozen. We would also reuse the cooler whenever we go on picnics and stuff, they are just great. Check out the shipping label. "Prepare to smile...". Oh, don't you worry. Just thinking about those yummy steaks kept me smiling all day! :P
Here's what it looks like inside the cooler. A whole big slab of dry ice at the bottom and a big box of steaks on top of it. They also included a very nice cookbook filled with various recipes. All the steaks were nice and frozen when it got here. I guess the dry ice really works wonders. We had a whole lot of fun playing with the dry ice later in the evening. Made our own volcanoes and stuff. Yes yes, I know. Two 30 something year olds playing with dry ice...how juvenile. Don't judge us, I bet you would do it too if you had two big slabs of dry ice, just sitting around. LOL! :P
Mmmm mmmm mmmmmm, check out the yummy steaks. There are six boneless strips in each box. Just look at the marbling. It looks so so so good. Each steak is approx 10 oz and about 1" thick. Boy, I can't wait to grill em up! The retail price for each box is $163.99!
Ahhhh 12 pieces of yummy steaks, all lined up in a row. Just looking at them makes my mouth water. I can't believe we now have like over $300 worth of steaks, just sitting in our freezer. Looks like we will be having uber delicious steak dinners for the coming weeks (maybe months) ahead. Thanks Marlboro for the steaks, we love them!!!


Twilight said...

Congratulations! I am amazed that they deliver steaks to you! Unheard of in Malaysia. Imagine one day someone couriers Assam Laksa to you in NJ. LOL

Grace Ch'ng said...

Congratulations! The steaks look good & mouth watering. Can send some over ?:p

Charlene n Kevin said...

Twilight: Yeah, Omaha Steaks have been delivering frozen steaks for the longest time. It's so old, Kevin's grandparents used to order from them! Wahhh, how nice if someone would courier Assam Laksa to me, how I wish :P

Aunty Grace: Cannnn, I can send some over but even better, you should come visit us! Then, we can take you out to eat juicy fresh steaks!! :D