Friday, September 17, 2010

Have You Cooked with Quorn Before?

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Recently, Kevin and I realized that we have been eating really unhealthy stuff since our college days. We don't care about nutrition and we eat whatever we liked. We gotta admit that we are not getting any younger and all those unhealthy food has been taking a toll on us. Therefore, we decided that we should try our best to eat healthier and start exercising more. We started reading labels and watch what we eat. I on the other hand try to make healthier meals for the both of us. I was searching the Internet the other day, for simple and healthy dinner recipes when I came across Quorn's website.

Quorn? What's that? That was my exact reaction when I first arrived at their website. I soon found out that Quorn is the leading brand of mycoprotein food products in the UK and Ireland. Mycoprotein? Excuse me? What's that? Well, mycoprotein is a healthy meat-free form of high quality protein and is also a good source of dietary fiber. Not only that, it is also naturally low in fat, saturated fat and have zero cholesterol. It's a good alternative to meat and it's embraced by many vegetarians. However, since it uses egg white as a binder, it is not suitable for vegans. As I navigated through the website, I found out that Quorn can be purchased as complete ready meals or as ingredients for your favorite recipes. I also found many yummy, quick and healthy Quorn recipes on their website. I will definitely try cooking with Quorn in the near future. You should too. For more inspiration, take a leaf out of the new Quorn™ recipe book. It is only £2.99 with two promotional pack’s of Quorn™ (UK). Meanwhile, check out the videos below for some yummy Quorn recipes. Enjoy!

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