Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Kevin and I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Sandy Hook Pilots Harbor Inspection Cruise last week. It was actually an honor to be invited, since it's an annual event that a lot of people in the maritime industry actually look forward to. As you can imagine, the whole pilot boat was almost filled with maritime industry people and all they talked about was...ships, boats, container terminals. How boring. While Kevin was off taking photos of some random terminal, I started talking to some people from my table and with joy, found out that they too are not in the maritime industry. At last, some people I can talk to without having to talk about ships!

One of the guys that I was talking to told me that he is in the IT field. Networking to be exact. He said that he is currently preparing to get his CCNA certification. I told him I didn't know that was, so he went on to explain that CCNA certification is a second-level Cisco Career certification. Once he gets his CCNA certification, it validates his ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks. Getting certified can be pretty difficult, therefore he is currently enrolled in a CCNA training program which takes him through the authorized Cisco curriculum. In his opinion, he feels that this six day intense CCNA Boot Camp is the most comprehensive and hands on approach to CCNA certification in the industry. He even recommended that I go check out CCNA.com (it's a free community resource website) to read up more about CCNA certifications. I did and it was rather interesting. Ahh, to think that I had the opportunity to learn more about IT networking by attending a maritime event!

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