Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashionable Scrubs from Blue Sky Scrubs

After moving to Jersey for almost 3 years, we finally found ourselves a good doctor. We have been to quite a few over the years but somehow, those didn't really work out. It's either they were not that good or they were not covered by our insurance. So yeah, we were really happy to have found this particular doctor. We were at the doctors office a little over a month ago for our annual physical and while waiting for our turn, I noticed the scrubs that the nurses were wearing. They looked really nice and I dare say, very fashionable looking. I also remember the dental scrubs that I saw at my dentists office not too long ago. Those were very nice looking too.

That made me think where nurses and other medical staff get their scrubs from. There are just so many designs and patterns out there. Very nice looking ones too. So, I went online to try and see where can one go to if they are looking for fashionable but cheap scrub sets. I then found Blue Sky Scrubs. There are all kinds of scrubs available there, from medical scrubs to cotton scrub uniforms. You can even custom make your own scrubs!

The best thing about Blue Sky Scrubs is their Project Blue Sky. What Blue Sky Scrubs does is, they will send a free hat to a cancer patient or to the customer with every purchase. We all know that losing their hair is one of the top fears of a cancer patient. By giving them a hat, it's the least we can do to tell them that it's alright and everything will be fine. How cool is that? Not only will you be wearing very fashionable yet affordable scrubs, but you will also get a chance to put a smile on the face of a cancer patient.

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