Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have You Heard Of LocalTVSatellite?

When we first moved into our current apartment a little over two years ago, we had to choose between getting Cable or Satellite TV. Without doing much research, we went with cable. It was alright initially but we soon realized that maybe we made a mistake. There were frequent service disruptions, our decoder would freeze on us, the pictures would sometimes go fuzzy and worst of all, we couldn't watch our beloved Steelers play! Yup, we only get to watch the silly Giants and Jets play on Sundays.

I started to look around the Internet for some good satellite TV deals and came across They are partners with Direct TV and offer all kinds of amazing Direct TV packages and offers. Prices start as low as $29.99 with the basic entertainment package. For us, the best thing about Direct TV is their sports programming. With the NFL Sunday Ticket, we get to watch every game, in HD, all season long! Not only that, but with NHL Center Ice, we can also watch the Penguins play and not worry about missing games that are not televised on national TV. To get more information about all the amazing Direct TV deals and packages, just head over to today!

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Twilight said...

I remember the Pittsburgh days when our cable TV and water pipe got frozen come every winter. Satellite TV is much better like our local Astro here.

I got a recent shock that my friend carried her satellite dish to Bangkok and installed at her condo. It works and she watches all the same shows as me.