Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Malaysia with Love

I received an email from my dad last Friday telling me that they (my dad and mom) sent me a package via UPS and he gave me the tracking number for the package. I tracked the package and found out that UPS will be delivering it later that day. Woohoo! I waited for the delivery guy all day (our door buzzer doesn't really work that well, hence I had to pay special attention so that I can hear him knocking on the door). At last the delivery guy came at around 3 in the afternoon and this is what he brought me. Yay!

Wanna see what my parents sent us? One clue: You can actually smell it even before you see it :P

Yup, that's right! They sent us a whole lot of Malaysian curry powders, instant mixes, spices and various types of noodle soup bases!! Woohooo! My mom was actually in Penang a few weeks ago and she went to pick up some authentic curry powders and instant mixes form Tean Ean (a popular and well known local products shop in Penang). What a pleasant surprise! I didn't even know that they bought me all these stuff until my dad told me that he was shipping some stuff over. Yes, I am very excited to get 'new' things to cook and test out...but more importantly, I am really grateful that I have amazing parents that loves me (and Kevin, of course) very much. My mom didn't have to buy us all those stuff but she did. Just the thought of her thinking of us, even though we are half way across the world, made my day. It goes to show that you can grow up, get married, move a thousand miles away...but you will always still be your parents little girl. Thanks mom and dad for all your love, the curries...and everything else =)


harayz said...

i can smell it all the way from here (KL)

Suzanna said...

awww... this post is so sweet!

Charlene n Kevin said...