Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ohh I Lovee Asian Grocery Storessss!

Oh I just love going to Asian grocery stores, don't you? We would usually go to the one in Jersey City, because it's near our apartment. Occasionally, we would drive about 30 miles (yes, I know...Chinatown in NYC is nearer to us, but it's a pain to look for parking) to East Brunswick to go to Hong Kong Supermarket. Another good Asian supermarket that we would go to is Kam Man. It's just next to Penang Restaurant, so we would always make a point to pop over whenever we go to Penang for dinner.

Why do I love Asian grocery store so much? Well, apart from the super cheap and super fresh produce, I just love the variety of stuff available there. We could get all kinds of fruits that is almost impossible to find in regular grocery store. We managed to buy some young coconuts from Thailand and fresh lychees from China last weekend. Really really sweet and yummy.

I am a big fan of noodles, I prefer eating noodles to rice. When ever we go to a big Asian supermarket, I would stock up on all kinds of noodles. Yup, we bought all that last weekend :P Regular fresh yellow noodles (mee), fresh rice noodles (koay teow), fresh shanghai noodles, rice vermicelli (mee hoon), deep fried noodles and flour vermicelli (mee suah). I would have bought some glass noodles (tang hoon) too, but I forgot..haha!

Apart from regular noodles, we would stock up on instant noodles too! Apart from my usual Maggi Mee (which I can get from the Malaysian grocery store in Chinatown), I also like the MAMA tomyum noodles and of course Indomie. My favorite Indomie is the Baso Sapi flavor...mmm mmm mmm :P~~~

Canned fruits like lychees, rambutans and longans are Kevin's favorite. So, we would stock up on that too. Apart from canned fruits, I would also stock up on various types of mushrooms.

Out of all the aisles in the Asian grocery store, there is one that we will never miss. That's the snacks and yummy stuff aisle! We would buy all kinds of ice creams and's just crazy :P Sometimes I think we are worse than children. Note: This is only part of our loot.

Of course we do serious grocery shopping (meat, seafood,vegetables...yawn)too but all the stuff that I have shown here are the 'fun' stuff that we buy. The one place that we would stop on our way out to the car is the bakery! I just love all the different HK style pastries and buns. We would sometimes pick up some bubble tea too! So yeah, this is why I love going to Asian grocery stores...there are just so many things to see and buy! Ohhh I love Asian grocery storesss, oh yes I do! :D


Heatherfeather said...

I still haven't found my new local Asian market yet, but it is usually one of the first things I seek out whenever I move to a new location. You are right - you can usually get such great deals there on produce, and I usually stop at the bakery shelf/counter before I leave too. My favorite is usually a wedge of pandan cake or a green tea melonpan.

Charlene n Kevin said...

Ohhh I love pandan cake too!! I also like milk buns, roast pork buns and egg tarts. I just love those Hong Kong style bakeries!