Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Complete control with one remote

Remote controls were invented so help make our lives simpler. We do not need to get up when we want to change the TV channel or turn the volume down from our surround sound system. However, these days, remote controls seems to cause more headaches in my household instead of helping. Why you might ask? Well, because there are too many remote controls around! With technology, come remotes…lots and lots of remotes. TV, Stereo, Cable, DVD, Blu-Ray, Wii, PS2, PS3, the list goes on. And while technology is good, the half-dozen remotes needed to turn on your TV really aren’t. Just check out the amount of remote controls that we have on our living room side table.

I'm pretty sure that you have the same problem as me. Well, I got news for you. Yamaha has created something really cool that will solve all our headaches. It's the ground-breaking Yamaha neoHD, a new device that simplifies your entire entertainment system. One remote, one on-screen interface, complete control. It's basically combines all your remotes into ONE remote. Isn't that awesome? It will definitely make life easier. No more looking for the correct remote, no more using of the DVD remote to try and change the cable channel, no more clutter..ahhh, bliss.

Want your own Yamaha neoHD? Guess what? You can stand a chance to win one by joining the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes . How? Well, there are two ways.

  1. Tweet: “I just entered to win a #neoHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit( to enter ”

  2. Go to and leave a comment stating why you desperately need the new neoHD.

You can also check out Facebook for more information on the neoHD. So what do you think? Do you desperately need a new neoHD? I know I do. Go ahead and join the contest today. Who knows, you might be a winner!!


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