Friday, August 28, 2009

WaiverWire - for the football fan in your life!

Do you have a husband, son, brother, uncle or boyfriend that is a huge football fan? Well, I do. Kevin is a football fanatic! Now that football season is just about to begin, I have to brace myself to be a football 'widow' once again. Yes, I am also an avid football (Steelers, to be exact) fan, but I'm not that into it as him. Maybe it's a guy thing. Not only does he watch a lot of football, but he also loves his Fantasy Football. He would spend hours talking to his buddies about football and sit in front of the computer all night, just to catch up on all the football news.
I recently came to know about WaiverWire and I told my husband about it. He just loves that website! What is WaiverWire? Well, it is a brand new site where that football loving man in your life can go to read up about all things related to fantasy football. The site is created by a bunch of former Wall Street guys who have a passion for football. They were fed up with the financial markets, so, they got together and built this incredible website for fantasy football players! What they did was to use the format, tools and techniques for analyzing stocks and applied them to NFL player and fantasy football team analysis. How cool is that? has everything Kevin needs to win his fantasy league in one place. There is a Fantasy football draft software, which world’s only draft tool with artificial intelligence. Also, he can get all the football news, analysis and do as must research as he possibly can on that site. Not only that, but there is also forum where he can go to discuss football with the other users of WaiverWire. If that is not enough, he can also get access to over 100 Local NFL team news feeds, fantasy football rankings as well as fantasy football player comparisons. There is just so much information on WaiverWire. Kevin really loves this site and I know that football fan in your life will love it too. Now that Kevin knows about WaiverWire, maybe this will give him that extra edge and he can now whoop his buddies butts in fantasy football! :D Now that the pre-season has started, hurry up and check out You wouldn't want to be left behind when the real season starts!


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