Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jee Ee!

My favorite Aunt is turning 60 today!! Jee Ee (meaning second sister of my mother in Hokkien) has always been a great Aunt to both Ashley and myself. She used to work in a watch shop in Singapore while I was growing up. Every time we visited her in Singapore or when she visited us in Penang, she would give me a Swatch watch. You remember how cool Swatch watches were back then in the late 80s? I think I had more than 10 different ones. Not only that, she would also give me those hand held Casio games like "Western Bar", "Snoopy Tennis" and a whole lot more! Boy, she surely made me the most happening kid back in primary school!
Of course thats not the only reason why she is my favorite Aunt :P Oh no...there are a million reasons why I think she is an amazing woman. Not only did she shower us with loads of gifts, but also with loads of love. She's always there to help out when the family needs her, even when she herself is going thru tough times. She would always put everybody first before herself, never complain when times are tough and always ready with a joke or two. My Jee Ee is one amazing woman, a loving mother and a perfect role model to all. Since we are not able to make it for her 60th Birthday party, I've put together a little photo montage to wish her a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy!!


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