Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Miracle On The Hudson

It was just another regular afternoon for me earlier today, staying in at home to keep away from the super frigid -7C temperature. It was really really cold out, with a wind chill of -15C. I was checking my email when I got an instant message alert from CNN that a US Airways Airbus 320 jetliner had just crashed into the Hudson River! I quickly went to the window and took out my binoculars to check if I could see what's happening. It was about 3:30pm in the afternoon and I believed the plane crashed somewhere near the midtown section of the Hudson. I couldn't see the plane but there were lots of news helicopters flying around.

I turned on the TV and saw on the NBC News later on that all 154 passengers and the captain survived the crash! What a miracle! With the frigid cold waters and both engines failing, God was definitely protecting all of them. Everybody was rescued from the crash site, thanks to the help of the NY Coast Guards, FDNY , NYPD, NJPD as well as some local Circle Line tour ferries. The plane was heading from LaGuardia to Charlotte, NC when a flock of Canadian Geese flew into the engines.

By nightfall, everybody was rescued but the plane was drifting south towards Lower Manhattan. It is now tied up at Battery Park and they will remove it from the river tomorrow or the next day. We can still see a lot of helicopters flying around the lower Manhattan area, even at this hour. It looks like tons of fireflies, just circling around that area! Oh well, I am glad that there was no casualty in this plane crash and that everyone is alright. Wow, a little excitement for the Podanys on a regular boring winters day :P

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