Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Woohoo! It's raining gifts!

Boy, what a great week it has been. We've been getting all kinds of stuff being sent to us. From small tubs of yogurt (part of a taste test for a survey I am participating in) to an early birthday present! The UPS guy has been delivering stuff to my door almost everyday, if this continues, I bet we will be best friends! :P
Remember me blogging about winning some cool gifts from Marlboro? Well, Kevin's headphones came the other day. Check it out. It's Sony's MDR-NC40 Lightweight Noise Cancelling Headphones. They are pretty cool actually. It even comes with a travelling case and an adapter jack to use in the plane. Really lightweight too...not too bad at all. Hmmm, wonder when my gift will be arriving.
A couple of days after that, the UPS guy brought this to my door! Yay! Looks like my gift from Marlboro is here at last.
A Samsung HMX-U10 Compact Full HD Camcorder! It's even in my favorite color, red! Well, what am I thinking, of course it's gonna be in red. It's from Marlboro...most of the stuff that I get from Marlboro is in red. I haven't really had a chance to read through the manual to see what all it can do but I'm pretty sure we'll be using it lots in the near future. Maybe we'll pretend that we work for the Travel Channel or Food Network and make our own documentaries!
Out of all the stuff that we received this past week, this is by far the best! I have been using the same computer monitor since I first came to America a little over eight years ago. It has moved with me from my dorm room in IUP to my off campus apartments in Indiana, PA. It was then in storage for a bit in Kevin's parents house in Pittsburgh while we were in Malaysia. From there, it has travelled with us all the way to NJ. So yeah, I have been using it for quite a while now. Anyways, it started to get all grainy and dark not too long ago and I needed a new monitor pretty bad. Look what the UPS guy brought me a few days ago!

My parents got me a new LCD monitor as an early birthday present!! Woohooo! I used to think that my eyes were failing me whenever I used the computer for too long. Now I know that it's not my eyes that's giving me problems but it's just that my old monitor suxs big time. It feels so good to have a brand new monitor that's bright with a crisp and clear display. Thanks mom and dad for the birthday present. I love it lots! :D

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